I trained as a concert violinist at the Royal Northern College of Music. However after all the conservatory training, my first job after graduating was playing and singing jazz  in restaurants and writing gypsy music for theatre shows.  Music was a much bigger world than I realized and travelling played a crucial role in my education. I discovered jazz in Manchester, pop music in London, rock n roll in Los Angeles, Arabic music in Egypt, bossa nova in Brazil, funk in Brighton, cumbia in Costa Rica , salsa in  Mexico. I heard African Music in Mali and I heard the blues on the south side of Chicago.

     My first group was the acid jazz group Wildflower, formed with partner Joe Cavanagh . We were indeed a wild bunch! We spent a few years touring Europe in an ex US army bus, to promote our album , 'Looking for a Miracle' (distibuted by Melodie) .We managed to get a French Record deal after claiming to have supported Jamiroquai ! Well we played at the same Heineken Festival! The irony was that just before the band split up we really were offered the support slot, but didn't have the 10,000 needed to get on that starry stage.
       In 2000 Joe and myself formed the Brazilian jazz fusion group Sirius B. I took on the role of singer, co-writer and manager.  The band released 6 albums ( Freestyle Records U.K.)  (Blues Interactive Japan )  and received airplay worldwide.  The album “Posto Novo” was voted one of Jazz FM’s top 10 albums of that year. We performed in festivals all over Europe, including the Montreux Jazz festival.  We were blessed to work with some great musicians but also to have had  the endorsement of Adrian Gibson, Snowboy and Perry and London's Jazz Cafe!

    I went on to release my 1st jazz album "Out There" on 33 Records. With the violin taking a more prominent role and featuring stunning performances from: Jason Rebello, Iaian Ballamy, Mike Mower, Mike Peake, Joe Cavanagh, Dave Goodyer and Scott Hammond. The jazz quartet toured the U.K. with the support of Jazz Services.

   Around this time I  received funding from the Arts Council to develop " Footprints" -a ‘jazz dance ballet’: a multimedia show featuring a live jazz band, improvised dance and visuals through my original compositions. Sadly the 15 date show  could not go ahead as planned due to lack of further funding ,  just before the London Olympics!

After 10 years, Sirius B reached a natural end. My wonderful journey with Joe Cavanagh  reached a fork in the road,  we took separate ways. I took a break from the business side of music and Central America was calling. I became involved in the Sistema Method of teaching music as a way of building communities  in Costa Rica. and a new journey began. I met and worked with many inspiring musicians from all over the world, learnt to salsa and learnt to surf! From my Bohemian wanderings in the Americas,  I found the inspiration for my latest project. In Mexico city thanks to my friend Daniel Loredo I was given the opportunity to record some of my  ideas and later, to make a video of one of the songs, featuring a mariachi hat given to me by a mysterious stranger in plaza Garibaldi! Women don't usually  wear mariachi hats!

  I returned to the U.K. on a mission to create my next album, "Songlines" . With a wonderful group of musicians, I formed the new project, Global Wave. The music is best described as Nu world jazz . The themes are born from my  travels and adventures, and alchemically forged from my mixed background and influences. And we're nearly there! The album will be released early this year!