HUGE THANKS  to everyone who helped to  make this happen.. Your belief, contributions, sharing, encouragement, advice, support .  We achieved this together and I'm humbled by the kindness and support that came flooding in to realize this dream and get this album out into the world! And I promise it will be an album worthy of your belief in me I hope it will bring you joy , inspiration and well being !!

The S Team!

Sebastian B Roberts for all the time you spent on the video and for your exquisite photography!                             

Sally Lifely and Andy for organizing the launch and providing the PA

Serpil Awdry, Sally Pucill, Simi Jones, Sara Vian for advice and support


Ali ElSaffar, Amir ElSaffar,   Ralph Joseph, Sally Pucill,   Imogen E Parry, Amal Sabir Ali,  

Bond Snodgrass, Marian Bruce, Phil Moakes , Jennifer Cumberlidge, 

Rivca Rubin,  Natasha McIver,  Martin Earley,  Sonia & Baz Ryan,  Sheldon Snodgrass , 

 Natasha McCiver,  Joseph Cavanagh,  Wilder "Mac" Snodgrass, Gillian Evans,

Rachel Kerry,  Belinda Haag, Nadia El-saffar,  Andrew Hardy, Mary Ellis,

Tim Wells , Becky Lovegrove,  Carmen Jones, Sema fadil

Andy nowak, Felicity Bowers, ,  Sophie Shenstone, David Hurford, 

Green Eyes  smaller.jpg

Valeria de Castro, Lisa Cherian,  Sara Vian,  Suze Pole,  Kate Musker, 

Pete Nicholson,   David Ellis, Martin Butler,  Sally Sabirali,  Serpil Awdry, Luke Florio,


and...HUGE THANKS to those of you who joined us to launch this project with such positive energy on September 7th!

Sunshine Cressida and friend, Belinda,  Nick, Luke Florio, Suze Pole and Sharon Lewis, Sara Vian , Liam Parker, Marie Louise, Patrick, Sally Lifely, Andy, Serpil Awdry, Simi Jones, Amal Sabirali, Salah, Felicity Keefe, Nick Curry, Jake Myles Tyghe, Cygne, Mac Seka, Sharon Lewis